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Product Numbers: 2019816143751

Product description: The SDA O₂ is a panel or rack mountable atmosphere monitor. The alarm set points and calibration can be achieved using the front panel user interface and the SDA provides audio/visual alarms, optional data-logging and 4-20mA/relay outputs. The monitors interface with state of the art sensors including our MEC and 5S3 highly stable and accurate sensors.

Fast response and long life of electrochemical sensor

Provide calibration and sensor replacement marks

Large and bright full-color display screen

Less depth behind the panel

Data Recording Options

Ethernet Data Output Options (Provision of Protocols as Required)

SDA O2 monitor provides full-color display of oxygen readings obtained from electrochemical sensors. Alarm settings and calibrations can be achieved through the front panel user interface. SDA O2 provides audio/video alarms, optional data recording and 4-20 mA/relay output. The display is connected with advanced digital MEC sensors. SDA O2 oxygen monitor replaces the now obsolete Analox 1000 and can be used as a direct alternative for comprehensive modification.

Maintaining a comfortable and safe indoor environment is essential for successful diving operations. The accuracy provided by SDA O2 meets the requirements/criteria of DNV, IMCA, Lloyds, ABS and ADCI. SDA O2 is usually located in diving control. Sensors can be located on panels or indoors or in diving clocks. AnalyOX provides an optional flow control panel, which can be used in conjunction with SDA O2 to provide precise control when samples are reduced from the room. SDA O2 and optional flow panels can be installed as racks or panels.


Sensor range: 0 to 100%, 0 to 3000 mbar

Sensor accuracy:

0-100%, reading (+350 ppm O 2+1%)

0 to 3000 mbar, reading (+0.35 mbar O 2 +1%)

Display: Full color display screen
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