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P-C II UV Scanner

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Product description: Protectofier


Protectofier 6642 - Combustion Safeguards

Operate with Flame Rod and/or P-C II Scanner

 6642 Features
Modularized Multi-Burner Control
Time Proven Plug-in Solid State FLAME-PAK Amplifier
Plug-in, Interchangeable Relays
Plug-in Power Transformer
Flame Rod and/or Ultra-Violet Sensing. Independent or simultaneously using same FLAME-PAK Amplifier.
Basic combustion safeguard model
Breaker - lockout switch model
Required for automatic lighted installations. System "latches out" after failure to light within ignition trial time and cannot attempt restart until switch is manually reset.
Standard ignition trial time is 15 seconds. Also available in 10-second and 5-second trial time.
Form 6642VBNR - Automatic only and Non-relight.
Load relay - included for all multi-burner models
Timofier model plugin, fixed time assembly.
The timofier provides purge time and ignition trial time. The ignition trial time is deducted from the motor time cycle (1/2, 1, 1-1/4, 2, 3, 4, and 6 minutes available for manual and automatic models; 10 minutes for manual model only) to purge the time.
Standard ignition trial time is 15 seconds. Also available in 10-second and 5-second trial time.
Specify both purge and ignition times.
Purge time shall allow system to have a minimum of four fresh air changes.
Combines features of Breaker and Load relay models described above.
Form 6642VBLNR - Automatic only and Non-relight.
Combines features of Breaker and Timofier models described above.
Form 6642VBTNR - Automatic only and Non-relight.
Combines features of Load relay and Timofier models described above.
Combines features of Breaker, Load relay, and Timofier models described above.
Form 6642VBLTNR - Automatic only and Non-relight.
Full Feature Combustion Safeguard including:
Proof of Closure
Proof of High Fire Purge
Purge Timing (In 15 sec. increments, 7 min. 45 sec. max)
Proof of Low Fire Start
Ignition Trial Timing (Pilot) 10 sec.
Pilot Interrupt Timing (Main burner ignition trial) 10 or 15 sec.
Alarm output if the safety interlocks (limit switches) or flame failure causes shutdown.
Relay contacts available to drive actuator to high fire for purge, low fire for ignition trial, and control when main burner is proven.
Eight status lights
P-C II - Ultra-Violet Scanner
Detects any flame which contains ultra-violet

High flame signal
Can be mounted in any position
Encapsulated sensor tube permanently sealed in gas tight housing
Operates with gas and/or oil flames
Basic model.
Provided with an electrical connector for flexible metal conduit (3/8" max.)
Provided with 1/2" straight liquid-tite electrical connector.
Provided with a 1/2" right angle liquid-tite electrical connector.
Protectal Unified Control Panels
Single and Multi-burner Packaged Combustion Protection

 Protectal Unified Features
Ready to install
No additional components necessary
Prewired for immediate operation
Protectal Unified 62019
Form 6642VA Protectofier*
Plug-in solid state electronic FLAME-PAK
Plug-in ACF relays
START pushbutton
Signal light to indicate flame
Ignition transformer (optional)
Dust-tight steel enclosure
*Available options include Form "B" Protectofier for automatic operation and safety requirements such as non-relight, low fire start, and interrupted pilot.
Protectal Unified 62021
Form 6642VT Protectofier with plug-in TIMOFIER for purge and ignition trial, plug-in solid state electronic FLAME-PAK and plug-in ACF relays
Burner Off/Run/Ignition switch
Signal light to indicate flame
Signal light to indicate timer operation
Ignition transformer (optional)
Dust-tight steel enclosure
*Available options include Form "B" Protectofier for automatic operation and safety requirements such as non-relight, low fire start, and interrrupted pilot.
Standard Complete Unified 82064 and 82065
Compact Control Panel with same features as Unified Panel - plus Motor Control
Complete Unified 63031 and 63032
Compact Control Panel with same features as Standard Complete Unified Panel - except customized to perform a wide range of additional control functions.
Ignitifier I 5909N - motor-driven Multi-Burner igniter control
Automatically fires up to 40 burners... in seconds!

Improved Safety and Performance: One unit automatically fires up a complete network of gas burners in ovens, furnaces, boilers and heat treating systems.
High-Speed Spark Ignition: 40 burners within 3 seconds
No Spark Gap Loss: Positive contact-wiper switching design eliminates arcing gap and wasted energy. - puts full voltage spark at burner!
Interchangeable Components: When systems are enlarged, Rotor unit and spark electrode end plates can be replaced with higher capacity units to accommodate additional burners.
How it works...
When the Ignitifier is energized by a START button, a motorized double-end shaft rotates its wiping contact against a series of stationary contact tips (one for each Ignitor in the system). This causes a high voltage impulse from an ignition transformer to be fed to each burner spark electrode, and immediately ignites the gas-air mixture of each burner position (gas-air mixture has been simultaneously released with actuation of the START button). The unit repeats until all burners are ignited.
Ignitifier II 6954 - Solid-State Multiple Ignition System
Features One-Wire Distribution: One single compact unit ignites up to 30 (or more) spark ignited gas burners all at the same time and instaneously.

All Electric
Low Primary Current for many burners
No need for special high current switches, contactors or power supply
No mechanical action
No need for multiplicity of complex high voltage wiring; requires only single wire service to electrical box or similar connections. For ovens, furnaces, boilers, etc.
Compare to rotary and other mechanical systems:
Solid-state dependability, compactness
Can be installed for continuous operation
No moving parts, no mechanical wear
Instant, simultaneous sparking at all points
Ignites unbalanced mixtures more effectively
Saves on equipment installation time
Less space, less wiring, less conduit
Maintenance practically eliminated
Simple, quality components
Ignitifier III 7759
Features Spark Blind Ignitor (single burner)
Tele-Fault II 8966 - First-Outage Fault Finder
Unequalled reliability and operating savings for monitoring equipment in heating and processing systems. Monitors up to 8 read-out positions.

Single Wire Connections
No Additional Relays
Compact Design 1/4 Din Size
Start-Up Status Display
First-Outage Readout
Power Interruption Indicator
Lights and Pushbuttons
START-UP Lights indicate all monitored open limits when power is applied or when RESET button is pressed.
FIRST-OUT Lights indicate first monitored limit to open.
SILENCE ALARM button de-energizes FIRST-OUT alarm circuit.
RESET REQUIRED light indicates Tele-Fault II requires reset.
POWER INTERRUPTION light indicates 115V power supply has been interrupted.
RESET light indicates Tele-Fault II is operational.
RESET button silences alarm and resets Tele-Fault II.
Products and Parts

Tele-Fault II
Form 8966 Tele-Fault II First-Outage Fault Finder
Protectofier Parts
SS100A Flame-Pak Assembly (standard 2-4 sec. flame response)
SS108A Flame-Pak Assembly 0.8 sec. flame response
ACF Relay
2AC 200V Relay
2AC 230V Relay
TCL Relay
U300M/*Timofier (for Forms VT & VLT)
*specify purge & ignition timing
U300A/*Timofier (for Forms VBT & VBLT)
*specify purge & ignition timing
SS3CP Transformer
SS3CP Transformer w/ Pigtail Adapter
SS3CPD Transformer (200/230V dual voltage)
Thermal Circuit Breaker 15sec.
(or 10 sec; 5 sec.) (Safety Lock-Out Switch)
Thermal Circuit Breaker w/alarm contact 15 sec.
(or 10 sec; 5 sec.) (Safety Lock-Out Switch)
NE51H(B2A) Neon Bulb
Protectofier Test Accessories
Micro Amp Test Meter w/ Enclosure & Test Plug Assys.
(Dual Scale-Protective Curcuit)
Micro Amp Test Meter less Enclosure
(Dual Scale-Protective Circuit)
Test Plug Assy. for Micro Amp Test Meter
(Specify Alligator Clips, Ring Tong, Mini Plug)
Protectofier Component Tester (includes SS100A & ACF)
Flame-Pak / Relay Removal Tool
Flame Simulator
ACF Flame Relay Test Plug
(not for Check-Load relay position)
U300 Timofier Test Plug
P-CII (Ultra-Violet) Scanner & Accessories
P-CII U-V Scanner
(w/ 3/8" flexible metal conduit connector)
P-CII W U-V Scanner
(w/ 1/2" straight liquid-tite electrical connector)
P-CII WRA U-V Scanner
(w/ 1/2" right angle liquid-tite electrical connector)
Neoprene Gasket Pressure Seal for P-CII U-V Scanner
Heat Seal Assembly w/Magnifying Quartz Lens
Heat Seal Assembly w/Plain Quartz Lens
Fiber Insulator
Neoprene Washer for heat Seal Assembly
Magnifying Quartz Lens
Plain Quartz Lens
Insulating/Purging Nipple (w 1/8" threaded plugged port)
for Heat Seal Assy. and/or P-CII
Miscellaneous Parts
Remote Reset for Form 6642V(B models) Protectofier
Remote Reset for Form 7256(B models) Protectofier
VN154T911-UL Off-Run-Ignition Switch
Unified Neon light (specify Red or Amber) w/ Retaining Ring
Telefier light Socket & Plug w/ 36" Extended Lead
120V Bulb No. 6S6/3
ACF Relay w/ ACF Relay Socket-Terminal Board (incl.mtg.strip)
A06 Ignition Transformer (115V Pri, 1-6000V Sec Output Terminal))**
A10 Ignition Transformer (115V Pri, 2-5000V Sec Output Terminals)**
A10-LA2 Ignition Transformer (115V Pri, 1-10,000V Sec Output Terminal)**
C06-SA6 Ignition Transformer (230V 60Hz Pri, 6,000V Sec Output Terminal)**
Straight Insulated Connector
RA Insulated Connector (Right Angle)
Standard Ignition Cable(275 degrees F)
High Temperature Ignition Cable (550 degrees F)
RG62AU Flame Sensor Wire
NFPA 86 Booklet - 1995 (A&B combined) (ovens & furnaces)
NFPA 86C Booklet - 1995 (furnaces using processing atmosphere)
Alarm Horn (open type) (115V 60Hz)
Alarm Horn (enclosed type) (115V 60Hz)
Voltage Suppressor 115V
**Ignition systems shall not be used in lieu of combustion safeguards
Form 8966 Tele-Fault II
Form 8966 Tele-Fault II First-Outage Fault Finder
Tele-Fault II Mounting Bracket
N10.5 Enclosure with 1/4 DIN Cut-out for Tele-Fault II
Gasketed Transparent Cover for Tele-Fault II
Form 7658 Power Delay
Form 7658 Power Delay Module (NEC requires 115V)
(200V or 230V 50-60HZ for export applications only)
Replacement Parts
DP100 Delay Pak
SS4CP Transformer
ACF Check Relay
LR100 Relay
Cartridge Fuse - 1/4 ampere - Slow-Blow
Miscellaneous Products
Form 6642N/15 I-15 Cycle Timofier (15 sec. limited ignition trial timer)
Form 7760 Cam Operated Flasher Assembly

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